Nuevo artículo, ChemSusChem 05.23

Mizoroki–Heck Macrocyclization Reactions at 1 M Concentration Catalyzed by Sub-nanometric Palladium Clusters

Francisco Garnes–Portolés, Estíbaliz Merino, Antonio Leyva–Pérez*

ChemSusChem 2023, Accepted Articles
DOI: 10.1002/cssc.202300200

Mizoroki-Heck macrocyclization reactions are carried out at 1M concentration with ligand-free Pd cluster catalysts either in solution or supported on solids. Mechanistic studies unveil the essential role of the fluxional Pd cluster to accommodate, at the same time, the reacting groups, to give the intramolecular vs the intermolecular coupling reaction at this high concentration, enabling (in-flow) solid-catalyzed macrocyclization reactions.