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X SEQT Young Research Symposium

X SEQT Young Research Symposium

Madrid (Spain), July 12

Our PhD student Marta Duran has attended to the annual meeting for young researchers organized by the Spanish Society of Medicinal Chemistry

– Flash & Poster:
· Targeting chronic kidney dissease trough new small molecules modulating the pseudokinase Integrin-Linked Kinase
Marta Durán Martínez, Mercedes Griera Merino, Sergio de Frutos García, José Luis Aceña, Laura Calleros, Diego Rodríguez Puyol, Javier García Marín

Balticum Organicum Syntheticum 2024

Balticum Organicum Syntheticum 2024

Riga (Latvia), July 7-10

Our research group has been represented at the Balticum Organicum Syntheticum biennial international conference on organic synthesis.

– Poster:
· Gold-Catalyzed Selective Synthesis of Polycyclic Frameworks Containing Tricyclic Bridgehead Carbon Centres
Manuel A. Fernández-Rodríguez, Lucía Sánchez-Jiménez,Adrián Gargantiel, Patricia García-García

– Poster:
· Metal-Free Borylative Cyclizations of Enynes: Useful Methodologies for the Synthesis of Borylated Polycycles
Ana Milian, Marcos HUmanes, Ester Sans-Panadéz, Manuel A. Fernández-Rodríguez Patricia García-García


XXIX Reunión Bienal de Química Orgánica

XXIX Reunión Bienal de Química Orgánica

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 26 – 28 June

Last June 26th, the Chemical Biology Group from the university of Alcalá was  well represented in the bienal meeting of the Organic Chemistry Group from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

– Oral:
· A Journey into Unexplored Photoreactivity of Alkynylazobenzenes
Estíbaliz Merino

– Flash + Poster:
· Visible-light-mediated modification of amino acid derivatives
Guillermo Morales-Ortega, Javier Carreras

– Flash + Poster:
· Synthesis of novel 3,4-Dihydroquinazolinones via base promoted [4+2] cycloaditions
Sergio Torres-Oya, Manuel A. Fernández-Rodríguez, Mercedes Zurro

– Flash + Poster:
· Synthesis of borylated carbocycles via metal-free borylativee cyclizations of o-alkynylstyrenes
Marcos Humanes, Patricia Garcia-Garcia, Manuel A. Fernández-Rodríguez

– Flash + Poster:
· An approach to the synthesis of nonproteinogenic amino acid Caramboxin
Jose Antonio García-García, Esther Sans, David Sucunza, Jose Luis Aceña Bonilla, Juan J. Vaquero.

Prof. Alvarez-Builla and Dr. Izquierdo Celebration

The Chemical Biology group wanted to acknowledge two of their past members, Prof. Julio Álvarez Builla and Dr. Mª Luisa Izquierdo, for their contributions to the group and to the University of Alcalá.

They provided made remarkable contributions to both the group and the University of Alcalá throughout their long and distinguished careers in research and teaching.

Some of their colleagues gathered to celebrate their achievements and express gratitude for their dedication and impact on the academic community and on the Chemical Biology Group.

Thank you Marisa & Julio !



Dra. Rosa Adam talk, 04.06.24

Dra. Rosa Adam talk

Dra. Rosa Adam, “Ramón y Cajal” Researcher at Organic Chemistry Department of the Universidad de Alcalá (Madrid)
Diseño racional de materiales metálicos nanoestructurados como catalizadores para el desarrollo de procesos de síntesis orgánica más sostenibles
Room 0.6, Edificio Polivalente, UAH. Jun 04h, 12.00.

Dra. Leyre Marzo talk, 24.05.24

Dra. Leyre Marzo

Dra. Leyre Marzo, “Ramón y Cajal” Researcher at Organic Chemistry Department of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Madrid)
Fotocatálisis como herramienta sintética para la formación de nuevos enlaces C-C
Room 0.6, Edificio Polivalente, UAH. May 24th, 12.00.

Org. Lett 04.24

Synthesis of Seven- and Eight-Membered Rings by a Brønsted Acid Catalyzed Cationic Carbocyclization of Biphenyl Embedded Enynes

Jaime Tostado , Ana Milián, Juan J. Vaquero, and Manuel A. Fernández-Rodríguez*

Org. Lett. 2024, ASAP
DOI: acs.orglett.4c00647

A Brønsted acid catalyzed cyclization of o-alkenyl-o′-alkynylbiaryls for the synthesis of biologically relevant dibenzo-fused medium-sized rings has been developed. The outcome of the cyclization is determined by the nature of the substituent at the alkyne, with arenes favoring seven-membered rings and alkyl substituents producing eight-membered rings. These reactions proceed via a vinyl cation, which is captured by water and, notably, by C-nucleophiles, such as electron-rich (hetero)arenes.

Álvaro González PhD Defense

On April 12th, Álvaro González Molina successfully defended his doctoral thesis under the supervision of Dr. Jose Luis Aceña Bonilla and Prof. Juan José Vaquero: “Síntesis de aminoácidos bicíclicos y peptidomiméticos conformacionalmente restringidos derivados de prolina y ácido pipecólico”

Thanks to all members of the tribunal: Dr. Javier García Marín, Dr. Ángela  Martín-Serrano Ortiz and Dr.  María Sánchez Roselló

Congratulations to Dr. González!


Clara Mañas PhD Defense

On April 4th, Clara Mañas successfully defended her doctoral thesis under the supervision of Dr. Estíbaliz Merino: “Design and study of novel reactivities of alkynylazobenzenes”

Thanks to all members of  thesis tribunal: Dr. Teresa Quirós, Dr. Eva Maya and Dr. María Ribagorda

Congratulations to Dr. Mañas!

Angewandte Chemie 03.24

Asymmetric, Remote C(sp3)−H Arylation via Sulfinyl-Smiles Rearrangement

Yawen Hu, Cédric Hervieu,  Dr. Estíbaliz Merino*, Prof. Cristina Nevado*

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2024, Early View
DOI: anie.202319158

An efficient asymmetric remote arylation of C(sp3)−H bonds under photoredox conditions is described here. The reaction features the addition radicals to a double bond followed by a site-selective radical translocation (1,n-hydrogen atom transfer) as well as a stereocontrolled aryl migration via sulfinyl-Smiles rearrangement furnishing a wide range of chiral α-arylated amides with up to >99 : 1 er. Mechanistic studies indicate that the sulfinamide group governs the stereochemistry of the product with the aryl migration being the rate determining step preceded by a kinetically favored 1,n-HAT process.