Org. Lett 02.24

Visible Light-Mediated Heterodifunctionalization of Alkynylazobenzenes for 2H-Indazole Synthesis

Clara Mañas and Estíbaliz Merino*

Org. Lett. 2024, ASAP
DOI: acs.orglett.4c00097

We disclose the heterodifunctionalization of alkynylazobenzenes promoted exclusively by visible light in the absence of any transition metal and/or photocatalyst. This reaction features excellent regioselectivity on a broad variety of substrates with perfect atom economy. Alcohols, carboxylic acids, thiols, amides, heterocycles, and even water are suitable substrates for the promotion of the oxyamination, sulfenoamination, and diamination reactions. In this manner, biologically active indazole scaffolds can be rapidly assembled from alkyne feedstocks.